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the Model
The Model is the result of an anlysis of Arnold Schwarzenegger uprising to power. i believe that this person is animated by a perverse Narcissicist pathology. All the different sections of his career deal with the care given to the reflection of his Self : his Image. In Body building the main tool besides the weights and the hormones is the Mirror. Body builders check themselves out continously in the mirror, checking the consequences of their efforts. Therefore bodybuilding is not exactly a sport, although as physically highly intensive but rather an art of sculpting the body according to certain conceptions on gender. The Mirror is the bodybuilder's eye, the home of the bodybuilder's image. The mirror was Arnold's first encounter with his own image, and the object that shaped his body. The screen of the movie theater became a second and more spectacular way of experiencing, enhancing, transforming his image. Politics is the perfect terrain for the one affected by Narcisse, he will do anything to be liked by others. I think i was specially affected by Arnold, since i admired him as a teenager in the 80's, i believe i was not the only boy to feel that way...
a series of little videos and video installations emerged out of this "reflection".

The Model#1" - "Bad Boy" :
a collage to be watched in loop infinetly showing Arnold's really bad behaviour and intentions ... specially critical on his influence on us. download the video and watch in loop.( Videos coming soon )

The Model#2 - "Infinite Male" :
a short sequence taken out of "Commando". a superb oily muscular body is shooting endlessly on the viewer. desire, violence, potent are wined up together. download the video and watch in loop.( Videos coming soon )

The Model#3 - "Narcisse versus Narcisse" :
this a video installation were one is surrounded by clips of Arnold shooting at an unknown enemy which could be himself. The clips appear and disappear instantly just the moment of a trigger pull, their multitude grow in a cancerous manner until the screen is saturated and the computer crashes.( Videos coming soon )