Streaming Tales
the Story of the Little Stories
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We envision collaborating with communities that:
+ Have been historically or socially marginalized.
+ Are not given a chance to express themselves.
+ Have been affected by western colonization.

Various communities will be connected and some potential scenarios include:

+ Sharing identical concerns across groups, for example: social issues, gender issues, psychological issues, environmental issues, struggles related to the loss of traditions and language, miscommunication between younger and older generations, and preservation of spiritual and healing traditions.
+ Connecting communities that have been colonized, who are not anymore in control of their lands and have experienced a loss of stories and culture as a result of war trauma.
+ Connecting members from the same community living in different countries, and exploring how their stories are transformed by the respective locations they live in.
+ Connecting immigrant communities who have and are adapting to a new culture and explore how their traditions are destabilized by their new lives.

We are interested in exploring whether bridges develop naturally through the stories and among the different communities.