Streaming Tales
the Story of the Little Stories
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A pilot project devised by the artist group The Marswalkers.
In collaboration with the Public and the University of Maine, and in association with the MARCEL network.
Supported by AWM (SICE - Social Inclusion of Creative Economy ) and EU (CHOKE - Community Hubs for the Knowledge Economy ).

Many people helped us during the projects through its various stages, we would like to thank everybody warmly for their support.
Especially :

Chris Gilbert @ Umaine
Gziesek Sedek @ Wimbledon School of Arts
Beverly Harvey @ the Public
Jon Ippolito & Joline Blais @ Stillwater
Samuel Van Aken, Head of the Sculpture Department @ Umaine
Owen Smith, Director of the New Media Program @ New Media Umaine
Tom Mikotowicz, Theater Professor @ Umaine
Kristin Langellier, Communications and preformances studies @ Umaine
Michael Grillo, Art Theory @ Umaine
Kathy taylor, @ Umaine
David Atkins, Umaine
Margaretha Haughwout
Alice Berrebi
Sherri Mitchell @ InnerWalk Institute

contact : manager Graziano Milano +44(0) 121 525 6861
or grazianomilano[at]hepublic[dot]com