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Streaming Tales #1
The first Streaming tales event served as a pilot for the project. It took place on the 7th, 10th and 11th of december 2005.
It focused on Diasporas, migration and identities exploring the impact of migration movements on identity, language, religion, traditions and culture. It connected together migrants communities living in Maine (USA) and in the West Midlands (UK).
Gathered around a traditional Somalian meal in three consecutive days, the participants shared their personal stories with each other and with guests specially invited to the events. Each participant was asked on day one to introduce themselves and their journey and experiences to the host country; day two to tell stories linked their own communities traditional foods and rituals; day three to bring an object carrying a personal meaning and/or related to a specific memory in order to share them with the rest of the group. Participants worked collaboratively in shaping the content of the project. It involved working alongside the artists through a series of 3 live events broadcasted in real-time. The events were designed to help the participants to formulate their own stories and to facilitate the understanding and learning of the streaming technology being used.
The pilot project was devised by the artist group Marswalkers in collaboration with
The Public and the Stillwater Lab at the University of Maine.
The pilot was supported by AWM (SICE - Social Inclusion of the Creative Economy) and EU (CHOKE - Community Hubs for the Knowledge Economy).