Streaming Tales
the Story of the Little Stories
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Streaming Tales is a storytelling project using internet based technologies, connecting people from various locations and cultures. It is a project realized by the Marswalkers in partnership with Graziano Milano.
We see Streaming Tales as an Act of Resistance against Mass Media and Consumerist culture. Stories are part of all communities, they perpetuate cultural identities and we think that everyone has stories to share.
Our choice to invite people to meet on internet based video conferencing systems is driven by:

+ The idea that many communities don't have the chance to express/communicate their vision of the world and their stories outside of their own community.
+ The wish to establish communication between people separated by distance and by socio-cultural and political boundaries.
+ The belief that it is important to create spaces for peoples' stories because of the occidental cultural hegemony that tends to impose one standardized culture creating one history of the world. Such a history deprives people from their traditions, history, values, spirituality and their relationship to the land.