Alexandre Berthier and Karl-Otto von Oertzen collaborate together as the Marswalkers since 2000. Working with a broad spectrum of media, they produce works ranging from large scale video and sound installations, to photographies or silk screen prints or vinyls.
Most of their works question the gap that can be witnessed between the perception and the description of a given reality. Therefore many of their works play with perception thresholds, illusions and are often made in situ.
Most of their works are to be experienced in the place they are produced in, their documentation barely transcribing the spectator’s experience.


2017 Mois Multi 2017 Québec Canada
2009 Ursus Mediaticus solo show _ L’Œil de Poisson Québec Canada
2007 MediaWorks Perimeter Gallery Belfast Maine usa
2006 Brèche ouverte La Générale Paris
2004 Désert 6ème manifestation internationale vidéo et art électronique Montréal Canada
2004 WithoutBorders Ayers Island Contemporary Art Festival Maine usa
2004 PluggedIn Rockport Center for Contemporary Art Maine usa
2003 group show La Vitrine Paris
2002 Funduns Kassel Allemagne


2008 OAO Signal Sonic La Générale Paris
2008 OAO Augmented Instruments The Luminaire London
2008 OAO FIMU Belfort
2008 OAO Cantine Numérique Paris
2003 Avril.exe Confluences Paris

2017 Productions Recto Verso Québec Canada
2013 Centre Bang Québec Canada
2010 Productions Recto Verso Québec Canada
2009 l’Œil de Poisson Québec Canada
2007 TUPAC Lima Pérou
2005 The Public Birmingham Royaume-Uni
2004 Ayers Island Maine USA
2003 CIANT Prague République Tchèque
2002 Wimbledon School of Art Londres Royaume-Uni