Video Installation Québec 2009

Video projection on phosphorescent screens
Frame: 50cm x 50cm

Relying on a photo luminescent system, this installation deals with the intricate relationship between perception and memory.
Photographs of animals are projected “flashwise” on a phosphorescent glass screen at regular intervals. The retinal persistence effect (optical memory), caused by the flash effect, is the first perception the visitor experiences. Added to it is the image’s memory emanating from the phosphorescent surface (pigment memory). The two different memories being mixed for a short instant, therefore creating a double perception of what is given to watch. Then, the phosphorescent trace fades away slowly, until a new image is flashed onto the screen. Gradually, the new image is blended to the previous one, still memorized by the phosphorescent surface, thus creating subtle superpositions. The photographs, grabbed on the web, are a combination of pictures of taxidermized animals and wild ones. The speed of the projection and its phosphorescent emanence hardly allow to distinguish the nature of the pictures, enhancing the ghostly dimension of these images. The subtle play between retinal persistence (immediate memory of the projected image) and the phosphorescent trace’s perception is the core of this project.