Sound installation - paper covered speakers - Rockport Maine_2004

Dimensions : 5m x 5m minimum floor space required

In a large room, eight loudspeakers are spread on the space’s floor. Each of them is wrapped with white paper. 
Series of sounds are displayed randomly, one loudspeaker at the time, at very low volume level, almost like whispers.
 These sounds were taken from the Iraq War media coverage, recorded through the Media and range from journalist comments to combat sounds and on-the-ground people’s voices. 
Some of these sounds are filtered into lowpass filters, making the paper sheets vibrate, creating an organic, thunderlike, sound.
 When walking in the space, spectators don’t necessarily hear the sounds immediately. Because of the low level, a close attention needs to be paid in order to understand where the sounds come from. The sound travelling quickly through the space does not give much time to the spectators to localize its source. 
Surprise, frustration and concentration are the three steps people usually go through to perceive the work.
The paper’s vibrations give a general atmosphere linking all the elements together.