In Situ Video Installation Maine 2008

Dimensions :
Viewing booth :2m x 2mx 3m
Projection space : 10m x 10m x 5m

The Ayers Island Contemporary Art Festival 2008, took place in an old papermill that stopped its activities in the late 90’s. In this installation, spectators enter a small dark house, built against a wall separating two different rooms, and serving as a viewing booth. What they see, after getting used to the darkness is pretty hard to describe at first: strobes of lights illuminating the space where the movie is projected. After getting used to the space and with better attention, spectators can see human figures moving in the room. They are images but seem almost real, three dimensional, evolving in the space like humans but appearing like ghosts.They give a strange sensation. They are using tools and carrying strange illuminated objects. They seem to be old workers of the mill, brought back to life and back to work. The way the characters were recorded and projected inside the space, make them appear in between moving images and still images. Two people maximum can seat in the booth and watch the film at the same time; two headphones display the soundtrack of the video. Doing this installation in a different place would mean to create a different setting and above all, a different movie with a scenario that relates to the place.