vinyl 2007

vinyl record
Dimensions : 11′

Having both an important record collection, we often dreamed about creating our own vinyl. We have always been fascinated by the sound crackles created by the contact of the needle with the grooves of the record.
Each record has on each side, a closed groove preventing the needle from slipping away when it reached the record’s end. 
Each of these are loops that all have particular sound qualities constituing the vinyl’s substance itself.
They are useless to the record’s content but essential to its preservation and to the needle’s safety.
After having collected hundreds of these loops, we have created a sound composition made out of these different grooves.
This vinyl is therefore composed with its own sound material. Furthermore, we decided to create what is called a “test-press”, which means that the more you listen to it, the more the record gets altered. Therefore, new crackles appear, bringing more sounds to the composition. The difference between what has actually been recorded on the vinyl and the alterations the vinyl endures can not be made.
 This vinyl is an evolutive object.