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the Story of the Little Stories
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In our experience people are willing to meet and exchange but don't always have the possibility to do so, especially with other cultures that live in a different continent.
Access Grid is the platform that will be used to transmit and profile the stories that will have been gathered through artistic interventions. The platform for this project was selected for the fact that it will allow a real-time exchange, using both image and sound, enabling people to talk and see each other through the network. The real-time aspect of the medium will enable an instant response from the participants on either side that will therefore contribute to the building/transforming of the story. Each physical location will provide a similar environment. The use of video projections, sound, lighting and space scenography will be set up in order to make the technology as invisible as possible. This set-up will create some coherence and will maintain the focus on storytelling, allowing interaction between storytellers and participants.